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Trust and Confidence

When we give our animals the right framework, the amazement of their intelligence begins - of their ability to make decisions, form relationships and regulate themselves. In the right setting, we can deepen the connection with our animals and strengthen mutual understanding and trust.

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But how does it work when the joy about our animals is clouded because we often do not understand their behaviour and then feel helpless and overwhelmed? And how can we teach our animals to trust at all, when trust in themselves and others seems to have been lost long ago?

white practitioner logoThis is exactly where the Trust Technique® comes in. It teaches with simple but effective means to create the appropriate framework in which it is possible for people and animals to regain their own trust, to listen to each other and to understand each other better and better.

As a Trust Technique Practitioner I am happy to support people and their animals to build a trusting relationship and enjoy life together.