The origin - we share feelings

The Trust Technique® was developed by James French and Shelley Slingo, who worked out this method from their work with REIKI (healing method from Japan) and animal communication.

It is a method to deepen the relationship with our animals and is based on the fact that we share feelings with our animals all the time. Humans and animals react to each other. Many people who care for an animal know this phenomenon: our animals react to our moods and we react to the moods of our animals.

Presence and attention - Mindful Regard

The Trust Technique® teaches how we can create a peaceful atmosphere for ourselves and our animals. This peacefulness is characterised by presence in the here and now and by undivided attention for our animals - mindful regard. It is much more than just being still. In this way, we give our animals the opportunity to come out of over-excited states and to find their inner balance again. Little by little, they have the opportunity to expand their behavioural repertoire and to get out of the impasse of conditioned fears, nervousness and also trauma-related reactions. (I show you in detail how to use this method with your animals, to my offer).

Trusting relationship

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The Trust Technique® works completely without pressure and is based solely on the pace of the animal. Fear motivation and dominance are replaced by trust and cooperation, bearing in mind that animals are sentient and thinking beings who deserve our respect and our attentive treatment, especially also because they are dependent on us.

It is not primarily about solving specific problems, but about building a trusting relationship as a stable basis for mastering common challenges and enjoying life together. 

The Trust Technique is committed to animal welfare. It is a complementary method that does not replace veterinary treatment.