In search of help in dealing with my dog Willy, I got to know the Trust Technique in 2020. This method was the first that helped us in a lasting way. My detailed story can be found here.

In 2021 I started the training to become a Trust Technique Practitioner. Since February 2023 I have the qualification for domestic animals, i.e. I offer my support to owners with their pets. Without Willy, this simple yet effective method would probably have passed me by. The Trust Technique also helps me to slow down and see solutions where before there was only excitement and drama. It supports me not only in improving my connection to Willy, but also to myself and to other people.


And without Zora, Willy would probably have passed me by. Zora was the family dog in my youth, a Fox Terrier, through which I have a special connection to these headstrong bundles of energy, thank you Zora!




The cat way of life has been shown to me by Tiffy and Putzi, then by Amir and Malik. Cats are simply something special!





I have lived in Berlin for over 20 years and work as a natural health practitioner, among other things. More about me personally and about my therapeutic work with people can be found here