As Trust Technique® Practitioner, I enjoy supporting people and their animals to build trusting relationships and enjoy life together.

"I am very happy and grateful that I was able to get to know the Trust Technique and Antje. Before that, walks were very tense. I wanted peace and inner security for myself and the dog and more trust-based togetherness. With the Trust Technique I found a way for us to do this and now, after three months, things have already improved: we can walk past many stimuli in a relaxed way. the dog sleeps more and more calmly, gets less upset and if he does, he calms down more quickly. I am finding more and more inner peace (which is incredibly beneficial) and I would also say that we have more trust in each other. I am very convinced of the Trust Technique and will continue practicing."

Sandra with Luke

"The Trust Technique with Antje has helped my dog and me a lot. I have an insecure rescue dog from a shelter who has always looked to me for guidance, even in situations where she was insecure or fearful. Until Antje's visit, I was often at a loss as I didn't know what exactly my dog needed from me and how I could give her the help and support she needed from me. Thanks to Antje, I was shown and taught a good method to be there for my dog in difficult situations and to give her a feeling of security. Thank you for that! :-)"

Marie with Callie

"The Trust Technique that Antje taught me helps me to understand my animal (male cat) better. I have understood that he reacts very sensitively to my condition or mood. The Trust Technique teaches me to go into the calm, to give myself space, to feel free and in the now. As soon as I calm down, my cat also calms down. It took me 2-3 sessions to get a feeling for it, but it worked faster and faster. Thank you very much, dear Antje, for this insight and your patient way of teaching me. I felt very comfortable and safe in the process."

Yuliya with Simba