The preparation

In order to make the consultation as safe and pleasant as possible for all involved, I will have a 30-minute preparatory telephone conversation with you in advance. This includes information about your animal, such as its age, health and characteristics, as well as the most suitable time for a consultation.

The consultation

In a consultation of about 1.5 hours I support you in learning the Trust Technique in detail and in relation to your personal situation. The consultation is a good mix of theory and practice and is meant to help you help yourself. I explain what the Trust Technique is (and is not) and do a demonstration with your animal. This practical example will give you a first impression of the effect of the Trust Technique. I then teach you in detail how to put yourself in a peaceful state of mind with a simple exercise and how to succeed in inviting your animal to do so. Finally, I explain what the heart of the Trust Technique is all about, the undivided, attentive observation - Mindful Regard. At the end it will be practical again. You are invited to apply the Trust Technique yourself with your animal, of course with my accompaniment. The accompaniment Afterwards, I will gladly continue to be at your side with advice and support, if you so wish.



Every animal-human relationship is unique. My offer therefore includes the initial consultation plus an individually agreed number of further meetings in which I support you in putting what you have learned into practice.

I offer consultations on-site at your home and online. You can find my prices here.



Important note:

Please work with the Trust Technique exclusively with your own animal for which you are responsible. In this context, the Trust Technique is not intended to be used with other animals that are not in your care or to teach it to other people. Valuable trust can easily be lost with other animals if the owners do not know the Trust Technique or use it incorrectly.

For a more in-depth impression, I recommend the Message of Trust. In this collection of short videos, James French, the developer of the Trust Technique, explains his method.

Message of Trust